LEAVEN sees a broad spectrum of people.  We serve the homeless and homeowners, families and individuals, people of varying educational levels, people with no income to those with moderate income, and people of all different ethnicities.  The common denominator among all our clients is that they are in a financial crisis and have nowhere else to turn for help.

Whether its situational or generational, short-term or chronic, poverty is an economic issue that impacts both the struggling household and our community as a whole.  LEAVEN’s support and assistance prevents these vulnerable households from slipping into great poverty, homelessness, and ill health. 

LEAVEN’s Vision

LEAVEN will lead efforts to ensure that all of our clients live in economic stability

LEAVEN’s Goals

  • Increase awareness to position LEAVEN as the first point of contact for assistance in meeting basic financial needs, which cannot be met elsewhere

  • Significantly utilize volunteers to accomplish our mission

    • Ensure a holistic process, working in partnership with individuals/families, that:

      identifies and understands the needs

    • results in the development of an actionable plan

    • results in successful implementation of the plan—both short term and long term goals

  • Provide access to partner agencies to connect individuals/families with solutions to their needs

  • Monitor recidivism rates to ensure positive and significant progress and make appropriate revisions to our strategies/tactics, as needed 

  • Understand the relationship between total basic financial needs in the community and LEAVEN's capacity to meet them