Thank you so much for blessing our family with your kindness and generosity. This has been a humbling experience and we are so grateful for your help. The gift of money toward our mortgage, gas gift card, personal hygiene products, and other helpful resources were truly appreciated. Thank you again and Gods blessings to you! -A grateful client


Words cannot express my heartfelt thanks to LEAVEN for the monetary payment towards my May rent. Your help has made this journey that I have been on much easier to handle. Not having to worry about my rent has been a huge relief. The volunteers at LEAVEN are wonderful, compassionate people. -With appreciation from our family


Harry and Bonnie Spiegelberg’s reasons for donating to LEAVEN:

First, the mission:  to help people in distress, whose needs have been identified through interviews.

Second, to connect those in need with sister organizations that specialize in providing services that can fill those needs.

Third, if no organizations are a good fit for filling those needs, LEAVEN can provide financial and counseling help to address the identified needs.

Fourth, because of a considerable number of volunteers who can help carry out the mission, and the efficiency of paid staff in directing those volunteers, the cost of accomplishing is very reasonable.  Our donation to help carry out the mission goes a long way.


 As a volunteer and a donor, I look for organizations that are good stewards and make an impact.  LEAVEN does both.  As a board member I see their stewardship first hand with all of the resources they have been blessed with – the financial support they’ve been given, their paid staff, and their amazing volunteers.    By connecting people to resources, they’re not just feeding clients, they’re teaching them to fish.   I’m proud to support LEAVEN with my financial resources and my volunteer time. -Mary Downs


 I like the “one stop” donation that benefits so many in need within the community, instead of multiple smaller organizations who focus on a specific need.  This means more of donation is available to help those in need. -Anonymous donor


 I have been volunteering for LEAVEN since I retired because I needed to feel like I could still contribute to a community of people that need help.  I enjoy sharing my time at LEAVEN because everyone is welcoming, helpful and the environment is relaxed while staying focused on the task that is the purpose of its existence.  Volunteering also gives me the opportunity to stay current with career skills that are part of the fabric of who I am.

 Every encounter, be it with a client or volunteer or staff person, is an opportunity to learn something new about the situations that could occur to anyone at any time.  With this knowledge I can help others outside of LEAVEN become more resourceful and informed.  The services LEAVEN offers are invaluable to our community to make it a better, safer and stronger place to live. -Marilyn Kostrzak, Volunteer


I feel that my presence at LEAVEN gives clients an opportunity to improve their financial situation.  When they come to see me to sign the financial covenant for their Pay it Forward loan, I help them to set goals and establish a budget.  I also offer suggestions about how to manage their money and schedule follow-up coaching sessions.

 Since FISC is part of the Goodwill organization, I can promote our mission to elevate people by eliminating barriers to employment.  Lack of financial stability often keeps clients from job-seeking because of the negative energy that consumes them.  I support overcoming that obstacle by arranging for clients to receive FISC services such as enrolling in a debt management plan, securing a representative payee with Payment Partners, or attending a Power of Money workshop.

 I thoroughly enjoy interacting with the folks from the various agencies in the LEAVEN Community Resource Center.  We are blessed with people who have big hearts and a compassion to help those in need.  Positive attitudes and smiles are abundant at LEAVEN.  The staff and volunteers work together to provide invaluable services to our customers. -John Polakowski, Onsite Partner with FISC – Pay it Forward Program


Because of the current state of things in this country, it seems as though there are even more people than usual who are living on the edge and often in need for some immediate care.  I feel as though my life has offered me many blessings along the way and that has developed in me a strong desire to "give back" in a way that feels good to me.  I did some looking around at a few different non-profit organizations and wasn't finding the "right feel", that is, until I came across LEAVEN.  I am continually reminded by the people who work and volunteer here that LEAVEN is a place doing really important work for our community and the greater community of our world.  When I walk in the doors to LEAVEN, my heart automatically opens and softens knowing that what I do in the next few hours is going to significantly change someones immediate situation.  This organization looks at people as just that.  PEOPLE.  There is no judgement, no preconceived way of treating anyone.  I feel greatly honored and blessed to be a part of this organization.  I fear you people may be permanently stuck with me. -Cyndi G., Volunteer