What does LEAVEN do?

LEAVEN provides limited financial assistance to people who are struggling to meet their basic needs and have nowhere else to turn for help. In addition, we provide a warm hand off to connect people to other resources within our building and through referrals to the greater community.  We provide advocacy and service coordination to address the household's immediate need and help achieve self-sufficiency.

We help with:

  • Rent, mortgage payments and security deposits

  • Utilities—including water, gas, electricity, propane and fuel oil

  • Car repairs

  • Health insurance premiums

  • Gas vouchers, bus passes, diapers, and toiletries

  • Referrals for clothing and furniture

  • Other basic necessities

LEAVEN’s financial assistance is typically immediate, short-term, and emergency based.

Who does LEAVEN help?

  • LEAVEN helps residents of Outagamie, Calumet, northeastern Winnebago counties and New London residents living in Waupaca County.

  • LEAVEN helps people from all walks of life. Our clients are diverse in age, ethnicity and culture.

  • Some clients suffer a situational crises (job loss, health issue, divorce) and others have an unexpected expense, causing them to have difficulty meeting their basic needs.