Stories of Hope

LEAVEN works through volunteers to assist people in crisis who have basic needs that cannot be met elsewhere.

While it is not within our means to provide for all of their needs, we can and do give emergency help with the essentials such as shelter, utilities, and transportation.


Has LEAVEN helped you?  Has LEAVEN made a positive impact on your life?  We want to hear from you and share your story with others!  Your story can remain anonymous.  Email LEAVEN at 

We take your feedback seriously…..

…and if you have received services from LEAVEN in the past, we’d like to hear about your experience. We appreciate hearing about the positive things that resulted from our connection….and we want to improve on things that may have not been up to your expectations.

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Housing Assistance

  • Mike and Ellen are parents of three young children.  Mike had open heart surgery and suffered a stroke after that.  He spent two months in the hospital and had no income during this time.  They came to LEAVEN when they were facing eviction and LEAVEN provided the help they needed.
  • Betty’s son is autistic and has problems with aggressive behavior.  She found it difficult to work because of frequent calls from the school which required her to pick him up before the end of the school day.  Her husband has had a full-time job for five years but was off recently because of a health issue which required surgery.  They were facing eviction and LEAVEN helped with rent.



Energy Assistance

  • Judy is a single parent of three small children – one of whom is on a nebulizer.  The loss of electricity would be devastating to the health of her asthmatic son and LEAVEN assisted with her utility payment.
  • Karen is a single mom who has worked full-time for five years and earns a good income but finds it difficult to sustain the household expenses for her five children on her income alone.  Faced with disconnection of water and utilities, Karen came to LEAVEN for help.



Transportation Assistance

  • John and Beth earn slightly more than minimum wage at their jobs.  They work very hard but live paycheck to paycheck with a very meager savings.  When their vehicle broke down unexpectedly, they were unable to afford the money to repair it.  LEAVEN assisted with the repair cost.
  • Debra and her 15-year-old son are both disabled.  Debra has cerebral palsy and her son has muscular dystrophy and is confined to a wheel chair.  The family uses a handicap-accessible van that needed some extensive repairs that they could not afford.  LEAVEN helped with the cost of repairing the van.