How You Can Partner with LEAVEN


There are many ways in which a faith community can contribute to the mission of LEAVEN.

  • Refer persons in need to LEAVEN. Let us help determine the best options and resources for help.
  • Let us know about persons seeking help from your community.  We can work in partnership to assist those seeking help, while eliminating the duplication of services.
  • Keep our brochures in your pamphlet rack.
  • Invite us to make a brief presentation to your congregation or to groups within your church.
  • Include information about LEAVEN in your church bulletin; we have press releases, clip art and advertisements to share electronically or in hard copy.
  • Set up a tour for your clergy or mission/social concerns committee.
  • Provide financial support to LEAVEN through special collections or ongoing contributions.
  • Collect diapers, hygiene and grocery gift cards for LEAVEN to distribute to our clients.
  • Keep our clients, staff and volunteers in your prayers.
  • Link our website to yours.