Basic Needs Program:


LEAVEN helps ensure that people have their most basic needs met.  Financial assistance is provided to those who have no other resources to draw from and is intended to cancel eviction, prevent utility disconnection, secure affordable housing, repair a vehicle, maintain health insurance, or otherwise address the emergency need of the household.


In 2017, LEAVEN met with 6,302 households (16,459 people), processed 10,806 requests for assistance and distributed $821,250 in direct client assistance.  The largest portion was for housing ($549,796), followed by utilities ($185,089), and transportation ($72,766).


People turn to LEAVEN for help because of lost wages, unemployment, underemployment, health challenges, family changes, and other uncontrollable events that can cause a downward spiral.  Our help is a hand-up during a temporary, but often desperate, time.


The common denominator among all our clients is a lack of resources to meet their basic needs, supported by an increase in expense or a decrease in income.